Fabric Transfer

Have you ever seen a customized t-shirt, bag or other garment and wondered how they were made? Short run customization would be too costly for silk screen, but T-Printz™ fabric transfer material from Sihl allows you to print, cut and transfer economically; Even in batches as small as one.

  • Dark Fabric

    Dark fabrics will show through an everyday transfer material if it does not contain a blockout layer (i.e. the white layer). The blockout layer keeps your colors bright from the first wash to the last.

  • Small Weeded Objects

    Small letters, symbols or logos can be difficult to transfer. Sharp corners and tight turns often leave unfished cuts that require a liner with a tight peel to keep the pattern until complete until transferred.

  • Soft Hand

    When you are transferring a large graphic for a shirt or other garment, using a transfer that penetrates the fabric weave will help to create a shirt that remains soft and breathable.

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  • White Fabric

    When you are transferring a graphic to a white or light colored shirt, use a transfer that cures clear. This will ensure the excess material surrounding the image blends in with the shirt color to create a professional silk screen look.

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