Diatec Group

We are six manufacturing companies, worldwide, and more than a dozen distribution companies, with a shared mission to create value for our customers by the process of coating.  For all our markets … digital printing, registration and identification, and technical papers for apparel fabrication … we apply liquid coatings in precise measure to film and paper substrates, giving them function for use in a host of printing and industrial applications.  Building on our legacy in print substrates, we find ourselves expanding rapidly into diverse industrial fields for which function is derived from our core processes.  We are “The Coating Company”.


The foundation of Diatec was laid in Milan, Italy in 1970 when Diego Mosna started distributing blueprint machines made by the U.S. company Diazit.  There followed four decades of growth marked by repetitive development, investment, and expansion.  Diazo converting in Cles, Italy began in 1973, diazo coating in 1978.  Expansion into continental Europe in the ‘80s, was followed by acquisition to enter the market for apparel technical papers … what we call Diatex.  Oce France, now Diatechnologies, was acquired in 2000.  Sihl, started in 1478, following five centuries of business transformation, was acquired in 2003, with continuing operations today at Sihl Germany in Duren, and Sihl Switzerland in Bern.  Arkwright (now Sihl Inc.), started in 1802, was acquired from Oce in 2008.  Star Coating in Zurich was acquired in 2012.  Today we are an international group … with not only state of the art coating facilities, but also a critical mass of technical know-how and business instinct to put ideas into practice.  We live with short product life cycles, and specialize in identifying market trends and bringing them to timely commercial practice for the benefit of our customers.