Environmental Social Governance



Optimism is the engine that drives us every day to work on sustainable innovations for our customers in almost every industry. We bring together the creativity, experience, and unique expertise of our employees and our partners from science and industry. Together we are strong, developing unique solutions for a sustainable and liveable future.

The protection of our environment and the health of our employees are important components of our success. “Environmental Social Governance“ (ESG) stands for companies’ social responsibility in terms of doing business sustainably. This includes various criteria such as the environment, working conditions and human rights, fair business practices, and sustainable procurement.

Here at Sihl Inc we aim to leave a CO2 footprint as small as possible through our energy efficiency measures, recycling initiatives, and reduced emissions.

We’re also pleased that our initiatives have been awarded various certificates. This is not only an endorsement of our work, but also a guarantee for our customers of the good quality of our products.   



FSC® certification (C044065)

You’ll find many products featuring the FSC® logo in our catalogues and on our website. This means that our materials are sourced according to the principles and standards for responsible forest management of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). This way, our customers can be sure that our products are made from the appropriate raw materials.





ISO 14001 Certification

This is the Environmental Management Standard (EMS) – This is where we comply with Environmental Initiatives. Arkwright Advanced Coating , Inc (dba Sihl Inc)  monitors, measures, and analyzes pollution prevention initiatives to continuously improve our Environmental Management System. This standard is focused on Environmental, our Scope being the same as Quality: The Processing and Distribution of Imaging Media.



ISO 9001 Certification

This is the Quality Management Standard (QMS) which means we are committed to meet or exceed customer expectations and to continually improve our business process.  This standard is focused on Quality,  with the scope of Arkwright Advanced Coating, Inc being: The Processing and Distribution of Imaging Media.