New Managing Director of Sihl USA

I am pleased to announce that Tom Shea will be joining Sihl Inc effective October 1. Tom will be taking over for me effective January 1, 2021 as Managing Director of the Sihl Group’s U.S entity – Sihl Inc.

New CEO of Sihl Group

The Sihl Group, an internationally leading producer of printable media within the fast-growing global market for digital printing with locations in Switzerland, Germany and the USA, has a new CEO: On May 18, 2020, Peter K. Wahsner will take over the management of Sihl.



New Addition to the Board of Directors

Sihl Group announced today that Stephanie MacLeod has been appointed to Sihl Inc’s Board of Directors. MacLeod, Sihl Inc’s Chief Financial Officer, has been with Sihl Inc. and its predecessor companies since 1998 and she was promoted to CFO in 2014.


Sihl Is deeply saddened by the loss of Bob Cole on March 21, 2018


Social Media Updates

The Marketing team here at SIhl would like to invite you to follow and like our new updated social media sites. We are currently active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn where you can find the latest news updates, product information, and what is happening here at Sihl.


Sihl Inc. announces new Managing Director

Sihl Inc. is now pleased to announce that Sihl has hired Chris McInerney as Managing Director for its US Operation.

Sihl Announces Factory Name Change

Châteauroux, November 2015 - As part of the realignment of Sihl the Coating Company, in which technical strengths and customer proximity of the entire group are to be brought together, the uniform naming will now be implemented.

Sihl Launches ClearSOL WetCling Film - 5 mil

Sihl is excited to announce the introduction of the newest addition to the Sihl product lineup: 3550 ClearSOL WetCling Film! ClearSol WetCling Film is an extreme clear film designed for window graphics.

Sihl Launches TexBanner Extrem white 145

Finally an economic alternative to Tyvek! Sihl presents its newest banner - 3275 TexBanner Xtreme white 145!

Sihl Launches QuickSTICK™ AQ Adhesive Backed Fabric

When we launched 3208 QuickSTICK™ for solvent, latex, and UV platforms, the overwhelming response from customers was "we love your product, but do you have one for aqueous ink as well?" Now we do......3209 QuickSTICK AQ™!


Sihl Launches QuickSTICK™ Adhesive Backed Fabric

As Sihl Inc. continues to synergize globally with Sihl Europe, we find products within our vault that we are excited to introduce or possibly re-introduce to you. Here is one such product - 3208 QuickSTICK™ matte!

Sihl Launches DisplayPRO 8 & 11 mil Latex C2S Film

Let us introduce you to your next favorite print media for the Latex print platform. The DisplayPRO 8 and 11 mil! Extremely versatile, exceptionally durable & amazingly scratch resistant!

Sihl Launches Bravo II Matte Canvas

Meet the new addition to the Sihl Artist Canvas product line! Bravo II Matte Canvas has been developed to seamlessly unite two primary market segments.


Sihl Launches Presto™ SG and S Canvas

Presto™ SG and S Canvas are premium, bright white, inkjet coated canvases designed to produce denser blacks, more vivid colors and smoother gradients.

Sihl Launches ExhibitPRO™ 6 mil and 9 mil Display Film

The newest generation of polyester rollup films from Sihl. Designed for maximum print density and durability with the latest generation of aqueous inkjet printers.


Sihl Nominated in Reader's Choice Top Products Awards

Sihl Digital Imaging products have been nominated in Wide-Format Imaging’s Seventh Annual Reader's Choice Top Products Awards.

Sihl Launches Pipeline™ and Malibu™ Latex Photo Papers

Latex photo papers establish a new standard of color, quality and detail for the Latex printer series.

Sihl Launches 72" UV Backlit Films

Now you can print beautiful backlits with your UV printer, without the cost and production delay of using white ink.

Arkwright, Sihl's USA Manufacturing, ISO Certification

Arkwright, Sihl's USA manufacturing arm, recertified under ISO‐14001 environmental management standards

Sihl Bern Consolidates Star Coating

Diatec consolidates its Swiss industrial activities to optimize utilization of its most modern factory in Bern, Switzerland.

Sihl Launches Pacifica Solvent Matte Paper - 3157

Sihl Launches Pacifica Solvent Matte Paper

Sihl Launches Twilight Latex Backlit Film - 3152

Sihl Launches Twilight Latex Backlit Film...Choosing the right backlit film can be tricky

Sihl AG Acquires Star Coating

Diatec Group, global leader in coated media for digital print applications, announced today that is has acquired Star Coating AG. The acquisition will enhance its European industrial base, and gives Diatec entry into light sensitive films for the electronics industry.

Sihl Launches Virtuoso Solvent Matte Canvas - 3133

Sihl Digital Imaging has developed an everyday matte inkjet canvas for use with Solvent, Latex and UVC printers that will exceed your expectations from Print... to Finish... to Stretch


Sihl Launches ClearSTICK - 3166

3166 ClearSTICK™ is a 2 mil clear polyester film ideal for interior application to virtually any surface.

Sihl Launches Mirano Satin "Tri-Lam" Rollup Film - 3674

Sihl Digital Imaging has developed a 9 mil "tri-lam"rollup film which will absolutely change the way you think about rollup films. Polyester films have been the ideal solution for rollup, point-of-sale and point-of-purchase displays. Although lower cost alternatives exist, none offer the durability, tear resistance, print performance, opacity and layflat...until now!

Sihl Launches Decor Brilliant Matte Canvas - 3579

Sihl Digital Imaging has developed an economy matte inkjet canvas that will make you rethink economy canvas!

Sihl Launches PolySOL Rollup and Popup Films - 3515 / 3516

Sihl Digital Imaging has done it again...Sihl has developed two new durable polyester films for solvent and latex printing that will make you reconsider how you make durable POS graphics.

Sihl Launches Illumina Semi Gloss Canvas - 3185

Sihl Digital Imaging has developed a premium inkjet canvas for use with aqueous inkjet printers for the most demanding photographers, artists and print shops. Sihl Illumina™ Semi-GlossCanvas - 3185 is a 19 mil gloss canvas with a 2:1 structure and a microporous, instant dry coating.

Sihl Launches ColorMAX Matte Paper - 3143

Tired of matte papers that won't dry, cockle through to the backside or coalesce in high ink areas? Look no further. We call it MAX for a reason!

Sihl Launches Irradia Matte Canvas - 3184

Sihl Digital Imaging has developed an everyday matte inkjet canvas that will exceed your expectations from the Print... to Finish... to Stretch.