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Question: Is there anything I should know about the drying of Solvent IJ prints?

Answer: Allow solvent prints to dry and outgas thoroughly before handling. For extra protection against fingerprints and scuff marks, wear gloves when handling printed media during the first 12 hours. To maximize production, sometimes you need a little extra drying power. Try using a dehumidifier in the room and placing box fans in front of the printer. (Be careful with fan placement. Airflow under the media may cause head strikes during printing.)

If you are experiencing drying issues:
Turn down the heat in 5 degree increments ("pre heat" or "print heat") on your printer. This sounds counter intuitive, but higher temperatures open the pores of the media's coating too much and they don't have time to close before the print reaches the take-up roller. As a general starting point, set your "pre heat" or "print heat" to 35°C and your "post heat" or "dryer heat" to 40°C.