Q: How do I buy Sihl media?

A: Sihl is a manufacturer and distributer of digital imaging media. Sihl utilizes an extensive reseller network. You can locate a reseller near you that carries the Sihl products you are looking for by clicking on the "How to Buy" tab at the top of our website.


Q: Does Sihl provide custom printer profiles?

A: The simple answer is that often times there is a standard setting already installed in your RIP, that delivers the right color adjustments. 

The more in depth answer is that technologies are changing so rapidly that we cannot keep up with every media on every printer. We have also found that most users create their own profile anyway. Instead, we use the settings that come with the printers/software and provide a small list of profiles that we use internally. Typically we determine the best default print setting for each media and let you tweak the settings from there. We are providing a starting point.


Q: What is the lifespan of printed materials?

A: The lifespan of a product is based on several factors, including: the weather conditions that the prints are exposed to, inks used, whether it's laminated, etc.


Q: How long will an adhesive product adhere to a surface?

A: There are multiple variables that contribute to the durability of an adhesive product, such as the surface it is being applied to, what the conditions are around it, and the step taken before it has been applied. We always recommend that before purchasing an adhesive product you test the material to ensure it meets your needs.