5402 Artysio NW P&P PET DH HFFS 65 W

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Features & Benefits:

  • Ideal concept for smaller packaging lot sizes on high diversity of artwork designs
  • Freedom of layout individualization without any cost add-on
  • Personalized packaging as a value add for consumer gifts & events
  • No lead time for external printed packaging material
  • Saleable products, packed and printed within minutes
  • No storage of pre-printed packaging films necessary
Water-based inkjet printable white PET based laminated film suitable for primary flexible packaging of food & non-food applications. Suitable for single pass printing technologies with dye and pigmented inks.

Due to the design of the product and the very fast fixing of water-based ink, ARTYSIO Packaging grade 5402 is particularly suitable for print & pack applications, where packages are printed and filled inline in a single production step. The machinability of this film laminate was designed for use on horizontal packing lines as form fill & seal ( HFFS ) for single pieced filling products.

Its excellent sealing properties are characterised by maximum product safety, very strong seals ( heat seal and ultrasonic ) and superb machinability on printing and packing machines.

ARTYSIO Packaging grade 5402 also provides easy opening function for best consumer convenience. Owing to its good barrier for water vapour, this product is suitable as primary packaging, for example for cereals, chocolate products, confectionery, or tea.
» Caliper / Thickness 2.56 mil
» Basis Weight (gsm) 75
» Finish
» Opacity 79
» Whiteness 99
» Blockout No
All values listed are target values

Printer Series:

» Core 3″
» Roll Width & Length 8.74" x 3281'    
*Please contact your Sihl reseller for information on which of these sizes they have in stock.

Part Numbers:

  • Part Number: 5402
  • Factory Number: NA