7852 Pico Film O-60 Transparent IHG1

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Features & Benefits:

  • Quick drying
  • High color brilliance
  • Sharply contoured printouts
  • Good water resistance
  • Declaration of Compliance for food contact possible
Transparent facestock film for the production of product labels in the fields of food, beverages, home & personal care.

O-60 transparent IHG1 is a transparent 3.27 mil BOPP facestock film, with a gloss coating on the front side for the printing of variable information using water based inkjet printers, with a topcoated reverse for improved anchorage of adhesive. Self adhesive coaters and downstream processors benift from process characteristics which are similar to standard BOPP films and from the versatility: with film customers get a fast drying, easy to process product with high color brilliance, sharply contoured printouts and good water resistance.
» Caliper / Thickness 3.27 mil
» Basis Weight (gsm) 80
» Finish Gloss
» Opacity >87
» Whiteness
» Haze >87
» Blockout No
All values listed are target values

Printer Series:

» Core 6″
» Roll Width & Length 40.35" x 13122'    61" x 13122'    
*Please contact your Sihl reseller for information on which of these sizes they have in stock.

Part Numbers:

  • Part Number: 7852
  • Factory Number: NA