33414 Pico Film P-36 Transparent ILG1

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Features & Benefits:

  • Good CO2 balance
  • Crystal clear end product
Transparent facestock film for the production of labels to be printed with variable information in the fields of logistics, A4 & cut size, and retail.

P-36 transparent ILG1 is a transparent 2.16 mil PET film with a gloss coating on the front side for the printing of varible information using water based inkjet or laser printers, and a coated reverse side for improved anchorage of adhesive. 

This film's CO2 balance is better than standard PET films. Self adhesive coaters and downstream processors benefit from low transport and storage costs ( 1 product for 2 printing technologies ). End customers get a crystal clear label.

Also known as 7868.
» Caliper / Thickness 2.16 mil
» Basis Weight (gsm) 56
» Finish Gloss
» Opacity
» Whiteness
» Blockout No
All values listed are target values

Printer Series:

» Core 6″
» Roll Width & Length 62" x 13500'    
*Please contact your Sihl reseller for information on which of these sizes they have in stock.

Part Numbers:

  • Part Number: 33414
  • Factory Number: NA