7094 Pico Film WS - 85 Satin IG1


Features & Benefits:

  • High productivity
  • Quick drying
  • High color brilliance
  • Sharply contoured printouts
  • Good water resistance
  • Can be recycled like PE films

We Also Suggest:

Squeezable facestock film for the production of product labels in the fields of beverages, home, and personal care.

WS-85 satin IG1 is a white 3.27 mil polyolefin facestock film, with a satin coating on the front side for the printing of variable information using water-based inkjet printers, and an untreated back side. This facestock adapts better than BOPP or PET films to many uneven surfaces and is slightly stretchable.

This film is easier to process than standard PE films and can be used for a wide range of applications: It is suitable for both dye and pigment inks. Self-adhesive coaters and downstream processors benift from higher productivity as the film can be processed at higher speeds than standard PE films. End customers get a fast drying, easy to process product with high color brillance, sharply contoured printouts, and good water resistance.
» Caliper / Thickness 3.27 mil
» Basis Weight (gsm) 82
» Finish Satin
» Opacity
» Whiteness
» Blockout No
All values listed are target values

Printer Series:

» Core 6″
» Roll Width & Length 40.35" x 13122'    
*Please contact your Sihl reseller for information on which of these sizes they have in stock.

Part Numbers:

  • Part Number: 7094
  • Factory Number: NA